Matt Titanium Silver

If Geneva, Switzerland is the most international of cities, and one of Europe’s most affluent, with a seemingly endless parade of Ferrari’s, Porsches and Mercedes, then the new TSW Geneva custom wheels are aptly named. TSW Geneva rims are uncommonly sophisticated, uncompromisingly elegant and would enhance the appeal of even the most exotic and luxurious of cars in matte gunmetal or matte titanium silver.

If sheer beauty alone is not enough to commend Geneva aftermarket wheels, then the revolutionary manufacturing process by which they are made is worthy of your attention. The Geneva model employs our most advanced manufacturing technology, rotary forging®. Rotary forging® involves shaping the wheel as it is spun at high speeds and subjected to intense pressures. This results in an alloy wheel dramatically lighter than one made from conventional processes, and much more durable as well. Available in a wide range of sizes to support staggered fitments.


*Pictured wheel shown is not representative of all size configurations. Center profile and lip depth will change in relation to vehicle specific fitment.

Part Number Size Fitment LOAD STOCK ON ORDER
1885GNV435112S72 18X8.5 5/112 +43 614 kg 4 -
2010GNV405114S76 20X10 5/114.3 +40 750 kg 4 -
2011GNV505114S76 20X11 5/114.3 +50 750 kg 2 -
2090GNV305114S76 20X9 5/114.3 +30 750 kg 4 -