Matt Black

TSW Gatsby matt black wheels by TSW®. TSW aftermarket wheels are available in a wide array of staggered fitments (different widths for one wheel diameter), ensuring that you can find the perfect wheel for you vehicle. TSW has its roots in racing, which is reflected in the attention to fitment precision and performance, and the naming of the wheels after famous racing circuits around the world. 


*Pictured wheel shown is not representative of all size configurations. Center profile and lip depth will change in relation to vehicle specific fitment.

Part Number Size Fitment LOAD STOCK ON ORDER
2010GAT355130M84 20X10 5/130 +35 1000 kg 0 -
2085GAT355120M76 20X8.5 5/120 +35 900 kg 0 -
2085GAT405114M76 20X8.5 5/114.3 +40 900 kg 4 -
2210GAT355130M84 22X10 5/130 +35 1000 kg 7 -
2290GAT355120M76 22X9 5/120 +35 900 kg 4 -
2290GAT405114M76 22X9 5/114.3 +40 900 kg 3 -