The Tri-Ace Prada offers outstanding performance and excellent drivability, handling and performance for your vehicle.

The Tri-Ace Prada's benefits:

  • Wear Resistant Tread Compound with a 460AA index provides excellent mileage while having strong attributes.
  • A symmetric Tread Design provides a uniform tread contact patch which reduces irregular tread wear. With the continual center rib, high speed stability is insured.
  • Four Wide Circumferental Grooves allow for excellent water evacuation and reject slush and gravel when encountered.
  • Tread That Incorporates Blades, sipes and block edges along with interconnected tread blocks engineered to let the tread operate efficiently and freely in adverse weather highway driving conditions while providing shorter stopping distances. By using computer input, the tread maintains a quiet ride in all situations.
  • Lateral Grooves improve the tires grip, help reduce rolling resistance which aids in achieving energy saving requirements.
  • Double Wound Cap Ply polyester body plus a high strength steel belt ensure security and stability at high speeds.
  • A Computer Optimized Tread gives the pitch arrangement an overall reduction in noise.
235/45R20PRADA 235/45R20 108 20+ -
265/60R18PRADA 265/60R18 114 XL 0 -
235/55R18PRADA 235/55R18 108 20+ -
235/60R17PRADA 235/60R17 108 20+ -
285/50R20PRADA 285/50R20 116 9 -
285/60R18PRADA 285/60R18 120 1 -