Shoulder blocks give accurate driveability during sharp cornering Successive ribs in the central part of tyres increase stability & sense of direction in straight moving Combination of grooves and channels placed at variable angles in curved area, break through a water film effectively and get excellent grip. Cap plies wrapped spirally at 0°angle and full width steel belts, give good driveability at high speed.

Computer Generated Profile Design which provides uniform tyre contact pressure virtually eliminates uneven forces that generates heat and excessive wear. An Asymmetric Tread Pattern provides superb cornering ability while delivering excellent wet weather driving characteristics.

Outside Tread Blocks with limited longitudinal grooves allow for handling without tread squirm under cornering pressure while still providing an escape for water build up. Inside Tread Blocks assist in dry handling situations while still providing excellent water excavation in wet conditions.

Circumferential Grooves and Ribs increase stability and sense of direction with forward motion while being able to evacuate water in wet weather driving conditions. Curved channels at variable angles assist in moving water away from the primary tread area.

Variable Tread Elements created by computer simulations change the sound pattern emanating from the tyre tread serving to reduce tire noise.

Wide Surface Area provides increased handling of the tyre and also improves its wear resistance. The tyre body is designed to maintain tread contact.

A Superior Tire Body Design made up of a strong polyester body with jointless, spiral wrapped belts of high strength steel ensure a high
performing but safe and comfortable driving experience.

Racing Tread Compound that is adapted for highway use provides excellent grip when the tyre reaches proper operating temperatures. This advanced compound still allows for longer mileage under normal driving conditions.

A Performance Touring Tyre with great handling without the harsh ride.

235/40R18CARRERA 235/40R18 95 XL 0 -
235/45R17CARRERA 235/45R17 97 XL 2 -
245/35R20CARRERAXL 245/35R20 98 XL 10 -
265/35R18CARRERA 265/35R18 97 XL 19 -