Jaguar cars are notoriously hard to fit wheels on--that is, until now. Coventry Wheels has mastered the art of the Jaguar wheel with these chrome Hornet Series wheels. These Jag wheels feature one-piece billet aluminum construction with a highly polished chrome finish and they are designed with a conical seat 6-degree lug nut style. All Coventry wheels are hub-centric, so they have all been engineered to fit perfectly, and will work with the original Jaguar bolts and caps. Best of all, chrome Hornet Series wheels are designed with the perfect offset and bolt pattern to fit your specific make and model Jaguar for a luxurious ride for you, your passengers, and your Jaguar.

*Pictured wheel shown is not representative of all size configurations. Center profile and lip depth will change in relation to vehicle specific fitment.

Part Number Size Fitment STOCK ON ORDER
2085COH425108C63 20X8.5 5/108 +42 1 -