Matt Black

SAVANNAH truck wheels by Black Rhino. The Savannah is a nine spoke or multi-spoke truck wheel. The thick spokes on the Savannah give the wheel a precise concave appearance which dives into the center. The Savannah wheel is a 2 piece fusion welded style which comes in a variety of color finishes. The available colors are: full matte black, machine face with a chrome stainless lip, and black gloss with a chrome stainless lip. The fitments for the Savannah wheel are: 5x140, 5x150, 6x135 and 6x140, with available sizes: 20 inches, 22 inches, & 24 inches. Black Rhino provides hub centric rings for the Savannah wheel, according to the corresponding vehicle. Each Black Rhino wheel is engineered to carry the heavy loads often associated with Trucks and SUV’s.


*Pictured wheel shown is not representative of all size configurations. Center profile and lip depth will change in relation to vehicle specific fitment.


Part Number Size Fitment LOAD STOCK ON ORDER
2090TRV205140M78 20X9 5/139.7 +20 - 0 4 (23/07/20)
2090TRV156140M12 20X9 6/139.7 +15 1023 kg 0 -
2295TRV205140M78 22X9.5 5/139.7 +20 - 0 4 (23/07/20)
2090TRV255150M10 20X9 5/150 +25 1023 kg 0 12 (09/07/20)
2295TRV305150M10 22X9.5 5/150 +30 1023 kg 0 4 (23/07/20)