Matt Black

The Black Rhion GLAMIS Off Road Styled Wheels by Black Rhino. The GLAMIS is a sturdy eight spoke style. The Glamis takes its name from the renowned Glamis dunes in Southern California, a local get-away for all things off-road. Much like the dunes the GLAMIS wheel exudes prowess and style. Each spoke jumps out to a healthy lip accented by heavy duty stainless steel hex bolts.

For those looking to truly stand out from the crowd, the GLAMIS is built in an incredible 20x12 with a 5” lip, and a 22x14 with an outstanding 7” lip in select bolt patterns. The GLAMIS is also available in aggressive standard fitments as well such as 17x9”,18x9”,20x9”, with offsets ranging from +12mm, 00mm, -12mm. There are a variety of fitments available in 5x127, 5x139.7, 5x150, 6x135, 6x139.7, 8x165, 8x170. The GLAMIS is available in a Solid Matte Black.

*Pictured wheel shown is not representative of all size configurations. Center profile and lip depth will change in relation to vehicle specific fitment.

Part Number Size Fitment LOAD STOCK ON ORDER
1790GLA126140M12 17X9 6/139.7 +12 1023 kg 4 -
1790GLA-26140M12 17X9 6/139.7 -12 1023 kg 4 -
1890GLA126140M12 18X9 6/139.7 +12 1023 kg 10 -
2012GLA-46140M12 20X12 6/139.7 -44 1023 kg 4 -
2090GLA126140M12 20X9 6/139.7 +12 1023 kg 11 -
2090GLA-26140M12 20X9 6/139.7 -12 1023 kg 0 -