Matt Black w/Milled Spokes

The new Victor Equipment Endurance design has had an excellent response from our customers. We employed our ball cut milling technology to create side milled spokes to create the stunning design for this wheel, " observed Victor president Terence Scheckter. Scheckter also pointed out that the Endurance wheel wouldn't be possible without Victor Equipment's cutting edge rotary forging technology. "Rotary forging, while more complex, produces a wheel of exceptional strength. That enabled us to spec relatively narrow spokes for Endurance's signature look. Rotary forging also gave us the design flexibility to provide adequate clearance for those big brakes, suspension components and body parts, always a challenge with Porsches.


Part Number Size Fitment STOCK ON ORDER
2205VIE565130M71 22X10.5 5/130 +56 0 -