Matt Gunmetal w/Gloss Black Lip

The TSW Portier model wheel from TSW Alloy Wheels is a bold, geometric look featuring five oversized U-shape spokes meeting at an intricately architected hub with an artfully recessed bolt pattern. The Portier is stunning, finished in silver with a brushed face and a chrome stainless lip or a unique matte gunmetal finish with a gloss black lip. The Portier is named for a famed section of the Monte Carlo Racing Circuit where the course dives down to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Portier employs an innovative multi-piece manufacturing process. Multi-piece wheels combine the light weight of a forged outer barrel with the design flexibility of a cast hub and spoke system. The two components are joined with fusion welding for a near-invisible seam and ultimate durability.

20X9 5/114.3 +30 0 -