Matt Gunmetal w/ Matt Machined Face

TSW Alloy Wheels new Crowthorne model is a study in spare, minimalist architecture. Ten split spokes radiate gracefully from the recessed hub to the outer reaches of the wheel’s perimeter, a clean open look sure to add a touch of class to any vehicle, regardless of which of the five distinctive finishes is selected. These custom wheels make an especially emphatic top-of-the-line statement.

TSW Crowthorne aftermarket wheels are one-piece wheels cast from our proprietary aluminum amalgam, formulated to provide light weight, endurance and lasting beauty. A wide range of sizes are available supports staggered fitments, for those seeking a more aggressive posture.


Part Number Size Fitment LOAD STOCK ON ORDER
2085CRW305114G76 20X8.5 5/114.3 +30 - 8 -
2085CRW355120G76 20X8.5 5/120 +35 909 kg 8 -