The Tri-ace Racing King is a competition tire that can be tailored to your specific market. From drifting to Time Attack to autocross, no other tire manufacturer offers you the ability to order a tire specific to your market. Benefits include:

  • Maximum grip and control

  • Circumferential rib design provides more precise control in high speed transitions and breaking

  • Targeted toward the ultimate driving enthusiast

Part Number Size STOCK ON ORDER
235/40R18RACINGKING 235/40R18 0 -
285/35R18RACINGKING160AA 285/35R18 4 -
235/40R18RACINGKING200AA 235/40R18 20 -
265/35R18RACINGKING 265/35R18 20+ -
265/35R18RACINGKING200AA 265/35R18 20+ -