Gloss Black w/Milled Spokes

What happens when you combine a feisty off-road attitude with a hardened aluminum alloy, multi-piece construction and stunning design details? You get Black Rhino’s new Selkirk model off-road wheels. Selkirk wheels, with their ten brawny spokes and beefy center cap, in a gloss black finish with bright milled edge detail, punctuated by oversized hex bolts at the lip edge, just exudes a lifted truck temperament. Our manufacturing expertise enables us to combine a one-piece cast spoke and hub array fusion welded to a lightweight forged our barrel, the best of two worlds.

Selkirk off-road rims are available17x9, 18x9, 20x9 and 20x10 sizes, with a wide range of offsets to help you achieve the wide off-road footprint you’re after

Part Number Size Fitment STOCK ON ORDER
1790SLK126140B12 17X9 6/139.7 +12 14 -
2010SLK005150B10 20X10 5/150 +0 0 -
1890SLK126140B12 18X9 6/139.7 +12 4 -
1890SLK-26140B12 18X9 6/139.7 -12 4 -
2010SLK-26140B12 20X10 6/139.7 -12 4 -
2090SLK126140B12 20X9 6/139.7 +12 19 -