Matt Black w/Milled Windows

The Black Rhino Highland is the spiritual successor to the Black Rhino Sidewinder off-road truck and SUV wheel. For years, the Sidewinder had dominated trucks with popularity with its distinct bowled multi-spoke design. The Highland takes this a step further by refining this popular style with broadened spokes met with CNC machined edges that latch onto the edge with a bold hex bolt.

The Black Rhino logo is proudly carved into the wheel edge as well, and the wheel is updated with a new sleek center cap for 2018. The Highland comes in 17x9.5, 18x9.5, and 20x9.5 with ET12, ET0, and ET-12 offsets.

Part Number Size Fitment STOCK ON ORDER
1795HLD126140M12 17X9.5 6/139.7 +12 0 4 (29/08/18)
1895HLD126140M12 18X9.5 6/139.7 +12 0 4 (29/08/18)