One look at Spartan BMW wheels from Beyern telegraphs that these are the wheels that represent the perfect complement to the Ultimate Driving Machine. The Spartan’s eight bold U-shaped spokes strike a pose in perfect harmony with the essence of BMW, coupe, sedan, convertible or SUV. And each available finish, brilliant chrome, stunning silver or masculine matte black, adds its own distinctive rendition to the central theme. Beyond beauty, the Spartan model is a paradigm of performance. It is a one-piece wheel manufactured using an advanced technology termed rotary-forging*


Part Number Size Fitment STOCK ON ORDER
1885BYS405120S72 18X8.5 5/120 +40 2 -
1895BYS455120S72 18X9.5 5/120 +45 2 -
1985BYS305120S72 19X8.5 5/120 +30 2 -
1995BYS355120S72 19X9.5 5/120 +35 2 2 (26/09/18)