Matt Black

For many generations BMW vehicles have looked great paired with a simple five spoke design, but decades of progressive design concepts have complicated this classic look. The Beyern Gerade resolves this mix of complexities by modernizing a classic five spoke design with chiseled edges and refined details. While not exactly retro, the Gerade keeps a classy feel and adds mechanical qualities updated for the 21st century featuring lifted edges and divided surfaces much like modern “I” series BMWs. The Gerade is available in Matt Black and Titanium Silver finishes and is made with lightweight Rotary Forged construction. Beyern wheels are tailored in fitments perfect for BMW vehicles in sizes 17-22 in various offsets to maximize concavity and brake clearance.

20X10.5 5/120 +25 2 -
20X10 5/120 +25 2 -
20X10 5/120 +32 2 -
20X9 5/120 +20 2 -
20X9 5/120 +32 2 -